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About Us

Nancy Kalinowski, Teacher & Director, Oak Park Bikram Yoga

Oak Park Bikram Yoga was born from a dream to start my own yoga studio – and now that dream has come true.

To become a qualified Bikram teacher, I attended Bikram's Teacher Training in Los Angeles in 2005. It was a challenging and sometimes even grueling course comprising of over 500 hours of yoga.

My appreciation of Bikram yoga has grown over the years as I've seen it change my students’ lives and my own. I've been able to witness firsthand the healing power of Bikram Yoga as my students have report such benefits as decreasing their medications, rehabilitation from injuries and surgeries, and improved overall health conditions such as reducing high cholesterol, normalizing high/low blood pressure, relieving various back problems, among so many other benefits.

Bikram yoga is an amazing way for people to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and free them from their stressed-out monkey minds!

I am ecstatic to share the original hot yoga - Bikram Yoga - with Oak Park and its neighbors.


Bikram Yoga Oak Park has easy parking and is located at 105 N Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park IL just 20 minutes from Chicago City Center.