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The Many Benefits of Yoga to your Health and Well-being

“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”
― B.K.S. Iyengar

You’ll start to feel the benefits of Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga after your very first class, but a regular practice is recommended for maximum improvement and health maintenance. That’s why we offer our new students a
Special Introductory Price of $40 for 30 days of unlimited yoga – so you can experience the benefits for yourself.

Some of the health benefits you may experience…

  •    Weight Loss
  •    Increased Muscle Strength, Tone & Flexibility – Clothes fit better; you’ll feel stronger, more limber and have greater 
       endurance in other forms of exercise.
  •    Increased Core Stability – get your core muscles back in shape – the all-important muscles for your posture and spine support -
       strengthening these may help to alleviate and prevent lower back problems.
  •    De-stress – in fact, not only de-stress your life but also gain increased tolerance and mental strength to deal with the daily
       stresses of everyday life. You’ll sleep deeper and awake feeling rested.
  •    Heal Old Injuries – old injury holding you back? The beauty of Yoga is that the heat acts to soften old scar tissue whilst the
       postures work to stretch and increase circulation. The heat creates an optimum environment for safely rehabilitating old joint
       and bone injuries.
  •    Skin Health – your skin is your body’s largest organ, when you sweat your skin detoxes leaving you with a clearer skin and a
       healthy glow. Beats those expensive face creams and cosmetics!
  •    Diet Improvement – increased health and body awareness helps your body crave less ‘junk’ like sugars and bad carbohydrates.
       You’ll find you actually start to crave the good stuff.
  •    ...and many more

Great for improving and alleviating chronic illness and injuries such as…

  •    Chronic neck and back pain – lower, middle and upper back.
  •    Scoliosis and bad spinal alignment
  •    Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis
  •    Diabetes and hypoglycemia
  •    Heart disease and high cholesterol
  •    Asthma and other lung problems
  •    Insomnia, tension and anxiety
  •    Blood pressure – low and high
  •    Skin diseases such as acne and psoriasis

Want to know more benefits? Read our
FAQ section.