How often should I come?
As often as you can! Committing to a regular practice is investment in yourself and your future health – remember PREVENTION is always better (and cheaper!) than CURE.

As a beginner the more often you come, the more benefits you will see and feel. That’s why we have a
Special Introductory Price of $40 for 30 days of unlimited yoga classes – so you can come as many times as you like in a consecutive 14-day period.

What is the best way to stay hydrated?

  • Drink plenty of water before and after class.
  • During class you may drink water, but not too much - a belly full of water may impede your yoga.
  • Drink electrolytes – these are salts and minerals lost during sweating.
  • Small amounts of electrolytes are found in most commercial sports drinks, but be careful because these are also loaded with sugar.
  • The best source of natural electrolytes is from coconut water, which you can purchase at most health food shops or at reception.

How will I know if I’m dehydrated?

  • Normally, your urine should be a clear pale yellow colour – a dark yellow indicates dehydration.
  • Is your mouth dry? Then you are dehydrated.
  • You may also feel lethargic, dizzy and vague – these are all symptoms of dehydration.

Is Bikram Yoga safe if I’m pregnant?
If you are newly pregnant it’s best to avoid ANY new form of exercise – including Bikram Yoga. But if you are already a student it is recommended you avoid Bikram during the first trimester.

If you feel comfortable exercising in your second trimester and beyond, we recommend Rajashree’s Pregnancy DVD to guide you through the necessary variations that you can use during pregnancy. But above all, before doing Bikram, or any other exercise, we advise you to seek your own doctor’s advice.

What’s the Bikram Yoga calorie burn rate?
You will burn on average 800 – 1,200 calories in one 90-minute class. This amount may vary according to your weight. To compare the Bikram Yoga calorie burn to other forms of exercise, try this
Bikram Yoga Calorie Burn Calculator.

What if I'm not flexible or out of shape?
That's exactly why you should try Bikram Yoga! The heat will allow your tight muscles to stretch further while avoiding injury. Your body becomes much more pliable in the heat and a regular practice will help you change your body. During the course of one class you can go from feeling like the Tin Man, to feeling as loose and relaxed as if you’ve just had a deep massage.

If you haven't practiced yoga or worked out for a while, that's okay too. The sooner you come to class, the sooner you’ll improve!

What should I wear?
Expect to sweat and sweat a lot! So go for something that is light and comfortable. Many women practice in shorts (spandex or jogging shorts) and either a tank top or sports bra. Most men practice in shorts or swimming trunks.

What should I bring?

  • A large bottle of water – you’ll need it in 105°F degrees! Bring your own or buy from reception.
  • A yoga mat – or rent one of ours.
  • Two bath towels – one for your mat (you WILL sweat) and the other for a shower afterwards. Towels are also available for rent at the front desk.
  • What to wear?
    WOMEN: Clothing that you can sweat in! Ideally, shorts above the knee (spandex or jogging shorts) and a tank top or sports bra. Try to avoid long leggings or baggy t-shirts.
    MEN: Shorts or swimming trunks.
  • Signed Registration Form: PDF Download here.
  • An open mind – leave your expectations at the door and be open to a new experience!


How hot is the room?
The room is heated to 105 F for Bikram classes and 90 F for Vinyasa classes – it sounds hot, but your body core temperature will only rise by a mere fraction of a degree. You’ll also be surprised at how quickly your body gets used to the heat – practice regularly and after a few classes you’ll hardly notice it.

Why ‘hot’ yoga? Why the heat?

The heated room is necessary for five main reasons:

  • It reduces the risk of injury while practicing the poses.
  • It allows for detoxification through sweating.
  • It boosts your immune system.
  • It raises the heart rate to produce a cardiovascular workout.
  • It increases blood circulation by lowering the viscosity (thickness) of blood, allowing it to flow easier and deeper into tissues, organs and old injuries.

What are the benefits of the heat?

  • Safer Stretching - means healing of old scar tissue and less risk of new injury.
  • Rapid Healing – most styles of yoga boost healing, however, the heated environment speeds up the process due to increased circulation.
  • Detoxification – you’ll start to sweat in the first 15 minutes or so as the skin – your body’s largest eliminative organ – starts to detox. Drink plenty of water before and after class to encourage this process.
  • Increased Mental Focus – if you can complete a strong yoga workout in a hot room for 90 minutes, you’ll be surprised how your mental focus and tolerance for stress increases in the world outside.
  • Improved Spinal Range of Motion – during a Bikram Yoga class your spine will be moved through its full range of movement. You’ll open all the joints and strengthen surrounding muscles around the spinal column. Bikram is great for any neck or back pain – either lower, middle or upper.
  • Listen to the dialog: The Bikram Yoga instruction has been carefully crafted to help you get the best out of your hot yoga class. Listen to what your teacher is saying and follow their instructions – it’s all in the dialog.
  • Expect to take yourself out of your comfort zone: no healing or growth happens without some discomfort. Do you find a pose especially uncomfortable? It’s likely that that’s the one you need the most

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