Bikram Yoga Oak Park

105 N. Oak Park Ave. | Oak Park, IL 60301


What to expect in your first Bikram Hot Yoga or Vinyasa class…

Your first class will make you feel exhilarated! After just one class, you’ll be able to see the potential for gaining your range of motion, strength, and flexibility. It’s just the beginning of a wonderful transformation that will open your body and mind.

All of our classes are beginner-friendly and you can view the schedule to pick a time that suits you best. You can also book ahead, or just drop in – but either way make sure you arrive about 20 minutes before the specified class time to check in and hand in your registration form.

First of all - it helps to bring the right stuff…

  •     A large bottle of water – you’ll need it in 105°F degrees Bikrma classes! Bring your own or buy from reception.
        Vinyasa classes are lower heat, but you will still sweat. A towel is recommended.
  •     A yoga mat – or rent one of ours.
  •     Two bath towels – one for your mat and the other for a shower afterwards. Towels are also available for rent 
        at the front desk.
  •     What to wear?
        WOMEN: Clothing that you can sweat in! Ideally, shorts above the knee (spandex or jogging shorts) and a tank top or sports bra.
        Try to avoid long leggings or baggy t-shirts for Bikram. Long leggings are a good choice for Vinyasa classes.

              MEN: Shorts or swimming trunks.

  •     An open mind – leave your expectations at the door and be open to a new experience!

Arriving at the Studio: Yoga Etiquette

  •     Arrive 15 – 20 minutes early: to familiarize yourself with the studio and hand in your Registration Form . Also to let your
        teacher know if you have any injuries or medical conditions.

  •     Arrive with an empty stomach: make sure you haven’t eaten anything significant in the last 3 hours before a Bikram 
        class. One hour before a Vinyasa class. If you’re feeling a bit empty, you can bring in a sports drink or coconut water for
        energy (also available at reception).
  •     Please leave your shoes at the door: the studio area is a barefoot shoe-free zone. Leaving your shoes at the door keeps  
        out dirt and also hazards from the street like broken glass.
  •     Use the bathroom before class: you’ll be in class for 90 minutes so be prepared!
  •     Please don’t take your personal belongs or valuables into class: leave in the changing room. Bring only your mat, your
        water and one towel into class with you.
  •     STRICTLY NO CELL PHONES in the yoga room – you’re here to focus on yoga.
  •     Questions for the teacher? The teacher will be available for questions before or after class at reception.

During Class – what to expect:

  • Silence in the yoga room: Bikram Yoga is a moving meditation – so please, silence before, during and after class. However, you may speak to the teacher if you need to – but please keep longer questions for before or after class - you can speak to the teacher at reception.
  • Be prepared to stay in the class for the full 90 minutes: please stay in the class rather than going in and out of the room - as this disturbs others and also detracts from your practice. If there is a real emergency you can use the bathroom, but we highly recommend going before class.
  • New students position yourself in the back of the room - so you can watch the more experienced students, but make sure you can also see yourself in the front mirror.
  • Feeling overwhelmed? This is a completely normal reaction to a new (hot) environment! You may feel overwhelmed and/or dizzy - if this happens don’t run out of the room! This is a sign that the detoxing has begun and the yoga is doing its work to heal your body. Sit down on your mat until the feeling passes – and it WILL pass! It’s cooler on the floor and you’ll be able to start feeling better quickly.
  • Breathe, breathe and breathe - but through your nose! Breathing through your nose and keeping your mouth shut for most of the poses will help you “get in the zone” and prevent dehydration. It will also help you stay calm and focused.
  • Listen to the dialog: The Bikram Yoga instruction has been carefully crafted to help you get the best out of your hot yoga class. Listen to what your teacher is saying and follow their instructions – it’s all in the dialog.
  • Expect to take yourself out of your comfort zone: no healing or growth happens without some discomfort. Do you find a pose especially uncomfortable? It’s likely that that’s the one you need the most!